How To Cross-Sell Medicare & Life Insurance

Many agents are attracted to selling Medicare plans. However, they often fail to take the next step to sell Life Insurance. This can mean leaving a lot of money on the table! The good news is that making the transition to selling Life Insurance is often easier than you would imagine. As long as you […]

Increase Your Retention Rate & Stop Losing 30% Of Your Business

training to increase your retention rate

What is up life agents? It’s Pete Fournier coming at you for a minute to show you why retention is such a pivotal point of your business.  Note: If you are more of an audio learner, check out this YouTube video 30% Of Your Business Is Falling Off The Books Insurance agents are constantly on […]

How I Got Started In Life Insurance

How I got Started In Life Insurance

I started in the industry as an intern for what was then ING Financial. I was making cold calls for two agents that were in the office. I was making $13-$14 bucks an hour, which in college seemed like great pay. One of my fraternity brothers was interning at Northwestern Mutual. Maybe was making $30,000-$40,000 […]

Warm Market Advice For New Life Insurance Agents

Warm Market Sales

As a new agent, you should be utilizing your warm market. If you work it correctly, you will see lots of improvement in your business. Not only are you getting to practice your presentation, but you are gaining a referral network and cash flow from the sales. Below I outline my top advice for new […]

How To Set Your Insurance Agent Goals

setting goals

I have been in insurance for almost a decade. Currently, I train hundreds of insurance agents, I’m the President of Sales for a major Insurance Broker, I have my own Insurance Agency, and I go out into the field to stay on top and help my agents. I have had my ups and downs, but […]

Getting Started In Life Insurance

life insurance agent on airplane

There are so many entities fighting for the attention of brand new licensed agents through the use of ads, cold calls, recruiting seminars, pictures of Ferrari’s, you name it.  If I could do it all over again and was within my first 6-12 months or so of obtaining my license, I would: Trade comp for […]

A Basic Life Insurance Explanation

life insurance agent pete fournier

Just wanted to take a minute to shed some life on basic life insurance purchase for all of our consumers out there… Think of term insurance as if you are renting an apartment for 10, 20, 80 years.  The premium that you pay every year is cheaper than whole-life, but you must remember that you […]