Don’t Push! Pull The Sale!

pete fournier train

Make sure you are solving problems for your clients!

You need to be asking questions, whether you are in B2B, B2C, selling farmland, or selling financial services.  No one is going to just buy a product or service that you’re offering unless you’re solving a problem and the only way you’re going to uncover the problem is to ask questions.

Questions to a salesperson, is like a scalpel for a surgeon.  Be meticulous in your process because the shotgun approach DOES NOT WORK! 

I had an insurance agent reach out and tell me they had a couple in their mid 50’s that are fairly healthy.  He then asked, “what should I pitch them?”  Well what do they want!?  What are they worried about!?  What keeps them up at night!?

Use empathy and a sense of urgency during all of your sales calls/presentations/follow ups/etc and ASK QUESTIONS!   If you are following the right process you’ll be pulling sales out of your clients instead of pushing them into one.  Furthermore, their problems will change over time, so if you can provide constant solutions, you can make multiple sales!

Make today a positive one!